Catching Up

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“It takes a while to catch up when you have so much going on that you can barely keep your head clear.”


I sat at my desk nursing a cup of synthetic coffee and smoking a cigarette before finally motivating myself to get up.  I checked my chronograph, and realized that we still had about twenty minutes before our Customs Office came out from its reinforcement cycle.  Gisl, my Magus-class Command Destroyer was prepared, and help was on the way.

I sealed myself in my capsule, only to undock, and warp to a pocket of space that I had established that I could scan from.  I ran directional scan as well as monitored local telemetry.  As the minutes ticked down, I definitely noticed an uptick of activity, and one of my pilots directed my attention to the spike in numbers in the system.

The trap was sprung.  One of the pilots in our fleet had just finished scanning, and the fleet jumped into system, warping to the enemy fleet which planned on destroying my corporation’s Customs Office.  I smirked as the fleet landed, and the fleet commander began calling targets.

The next few minutes to anyone watching from the outside would appear to be chaos, but our communications were clear with the exception of targets being called, and broadcasted targets as well as broadcasts for remote repairs.

The enemy battleship fleet lost its remote repairs as well as its electronic warfare first, and then the next to die was the pilot identified as their fleet commander.  Battleships were dying all around, and it was a magnificent testament to the viability of cruisers, as well as a bloodbath.  At the end of the battle, the Customs Office remained, and the entire enemy fleet had been destroyed with very few exceptions.

I snickered as I secured the area for those salvaging wrecks and picking up pieces from the destroyed vessels.  “Well, that was fucking beautiful,” I said to myself.




Thoughts From the Commander #214

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There need to be laws against being stupid.

Thoughts From the Commander #213

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You want me to burn, well I’m taking you with me, and I feel at home in the flames.

Burning Paradise

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“If you start a conflict and then refuse to fight or defend what you have worked for, you don’t deserve to keep your shit.”


We had been watching our targets for a couple weeks at this point, and the moment to strike had come.

A prior member corporation of The Revenant Order had let their Director essentially go rogue, and the CEO refused to intervene.  Said Director questioned every policy, refused to abide by anything, and blatantly disregarded anything said to him.  The one thing he was good at was forever playing the victim.  Well, playtime was over, and it was time that he became the victim which he sought so much to be.

A week prior to our strike, we had reinforced both an Athanor-class Refinery as well as a Raitaru-class Engineering Complex belonging to these guys.  One of their members was already on board with watching the fireworks, and leaving them to join up with us.  I entered warp in Fjolnir, my Vexor Navy Issue, and landed near the first target structure.  Other members of Order of the Shadow came out of warp, and the onslaught began.  No pilot stood by to attempt to defend the structures, and a message was sent to me, asking why I was doing this.  I disregarded it completely as we set to work in dismantling the Raitaru.  About fifteen to twenty minutes elapsed, and the Raitaru was reduced to drifting chunks of slag which remotely resembled what it used to be.

From there, I flew back to station and awaited the Athanor’s vulnerability window.

While I waited, I commed the director of Dead Red Trinity, and expressed faux remorse.  A smirk crossed my lips, “I’ve seen the light.  I think I’ll finally give it up.  The life of being a criminal is too much to bear.”  He seemed shocked as he asked, “Really?”  “Fuck no.  This shit’s too much fun.  By the way, thanks for the fuel asshole.”

The Athanor fell soon after, and we redeployed our forces back to Placid.


Thoughts From the Commander #212

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If you can’t handle the fact that people can’t stand you, and you can’t handle responsibility or disappointment, you need to man up and quit being a bitch.

Thoughts From the Commander #211

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Sometimes even the biggest piece of shit has redeeming qualities and can do the right thing.

Thoughts From the Commander #210

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Life isn’t fair and sometimes the bad guys win.