Thoughts From the Commander #219

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Life isn’t fair and sometimes the bad guys win.


On the Hunt

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“Hunting and killing other pilots makes for a good time on most days.  It’s even a better time when your tactics are sound and everything works out.”


I was just getting back from a black ops fleet, which was entirely fruitless, as the pilot who had been hunting for the fleet had lost his ship before the fleet could bridge in and terminate the enemy targets.  I walked into the makeshift office in my quarters when Thoradain contacted me.  “Hey man,” he said over NeoCom, “You want to grab some frigates and go see if we can find anything worth killing?”  I laughed, “Is that even a question?  What you plan on flying?”  Thoradain replied, “Well, I was thinking of bringing the Condor.”  “Alright, I’ll fly my Daredevil,” I said with a smirk.

A few minutes later, once Thoradain returned to Grispire, we launched out and set off for our first destination.


Thoradain was scanning and found a Tristan engaging in an offensive operation for the State Protectorate.  He engaged his warp drive, and I picked up an Incursus-class frigate warping in to attempt to kill the Tristan.  Thoradain established warp disruption on one, and I warp scrambled and webbed the other.  The Incursus quickly died to the three vessels it was now faced with.  That left the Tristan.

I engaged it with a warp scrambler and webifier, and between Thoradain’s missiles and the heavy damage output from my Daredevil’s blasters, it died quickly.

After podding both pilots, we collected the spoils of the fight, scooped the corpses, and moved on.


I had picked up a Republic Fleet Firetail on scan, which was obviously hunting us.  It wasn’t long after that I also picked up a Worm, and we knew that the fight would be interesting.

The Firetail warped to a defensive location for the faction, but only to find itself getting torn to pieces by myself and Thoradain.  The Worm arrived far too late to save his cohort, but not too late to end up being killed.

We then located a Tristan and it too soon died.


We had passed a pair of mining Rorquals before entering Old Man Star, and decided it best to simply pass on the information and move on, as there would not be much that we could do against the Capital Industrial Ships, especially since they were mining within the defensive range of an Athanor-class Refinery.

A quick scan of the system revealed a Tristan on scan.

Both myself and Thoradain engaged our warp drives, and as the first to arrive, Thoradain engaged tackle on the Tristan with his Condor’s Warp Disruptor.  It began engaging, only to find itself in a hopeless situation as my Daredevil entered the fight.  I engaged my warp scrambler and webifier, and as I started taking damage, engaged my armor repairer.

I forced an overload of my ship’s weapons to amplify the damage output, only to quickly render the Tristan into a heap of molten slag to drift through space, and as the capsule didn’t immediately warp off, I was able to acquire another corpse for my collection.


While stalking a Rifter and Worm, we attempted to ambush the Worm pilot, who quickly realized that a fight was coming that he didn’t want to participate in, so he warped away as he was paying attention to his directional scan.  The Rifter pilot on the other hand failed to do so, and as a result paid the price as my Daredevil’s warp scrambler and stasis webifier caught hold, preventing his escape.  The pair of neutron blasters made short work of the frigate that was once one of the most known and feared among the Republic’s arsenal, and yet another corpse was reaped as the pilot’s capsule was destroyed.


Upon entering into the system, based on local telemetry, and quick use of my directional scanner, I was able to locate the Worm pilot that had previously escaped from us.  He warped away from the location where I initially found him at, to which I warped to another Federation outpost, only to then pick up the Worm on short scan.

As he came out of warp, I found him landing right at my location, to which he immediately locked and engaged.  I willed my Daredevil into a tight orbit of his vessel, immediately having to engage my armor repair unit.  As the nanites flooded to repair armor breaches, I had the hull breach warning sound in my mind.  I then overheated my weapons as well as the armor repairer to force more performance out of them.  For the first time of the night, I was actually worried.  Thoradain landed, and began engaging the Worm as well, and through the view of my outside camera drones, I witnessed an explosion.  I half expected to be sitting in a capsule, but breathed a sigh of relief when I realized that we had succeeded in terminated the Worm.

We mulled around for a bit longer, and decided to head home.


As I entered Grispire and was aligning to the Duvolle station, I detected a Vexor-class cruiser on scan, and let Thoradain know.  Ashisma had arrived, and both of them prepared to assist in killing the Vexor.

I docked the Daredevil and quickly undocked in my Jackdaw-class Tactical Destroyer, only to launch Combat Scanner Probes and began the task of finding the Vexor.

Seconds later, I recalled my probes and was in warp to where the Vexor was supposed to be, finding myself in the area of a Serpentis Narcotics Warehouse.  I called for Thoradain and Ashisma to warp to my location as I engaged the first acceleration gate.


I ran a quick directional scan, only to find that the Vexor was still at short range.

I then launched through the second acceleration gate and found my prey salvaging wrecks and engaging a few Serpentis frigates.

I willed the nimble vessel to begin to orbit and engaged the microwarp drive.  Seconds later, I had engaged the ship’s warp disruptor and shifted to Sharpshooter Mode as the Vexor pilot did not seem to feel threatened.  Thoradain warped in with his Caracal-class Cruiser, and Ashisma in his Incursus-class frigate.  They closed range, and engaged their own warp disruptors.  We then began engaging the Vexor, at which point the pilot seemed to have realized what was going on when he could not activate the acceleration gate to warp to the Serpentis Narcotics Warehouse itself.  His ship’s sensors engaged a lock on my Jackdaw, but it was too late, as the last volleys struck home, and his vessel detonated.  And to expedite the process of ensuring we didn’t have to deal with him again, I quickly destroyed his capsule, only to scoop his flash-frozen corpse and the remaining modules from his Vexor.

I then turned and docked in the Duvolle Laboratories station, and called it a night after properly storing the corpses and modules retrieved from the night of fights.



Thoughts From the Commander #209

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Hoist the black flag, and hoist it high.

A Minor Miscalculation

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“Sometimes people will do things that do not make sense, and will usually be their undoing.”


I had seen a pilot drifting through Grispire over the past few days, and so far every attempt to remove him had been unsuccessful.  I undocked Feikinstafr, my Curse-class Combat Reconnaissance Cruiser due to the inherent nature of it not showing up on directional scan.  I then aligned to the star and warped only to pulse my own directional scan.  I picked up a Harbinger-class Battlecruiser near a location that Rogue Drones had decided to set up in.

It seemed that he was having difficulty, as the first time I warped to that location, the vessel was not there.  I quickly aligned to the star and re-initiated warp, as I had a feeling that he would be back.

My instincts were correct, as less than a minute later, I was picking up a Harbinger-class Battlecruiser from the same location that I had just departed.

I aligned to the site and initiated warp.  Upon landing, I found the vessel engaging the Rogue Drones with its lasers and then utilizing a smartbomb in an attempt to remove the drones that wandered too close.

He began to align as I engaged a tactical lock on his vessel, only to engage the warp disruptor on Feikinstafr, along with the neutralizers and nosferatus.  His lasers pulsed twice more, and the smartbomb cycled once more before the vessel fell quiet.  He sent his drones to engage me in an attempt to make me leave him alone, but it wasn’t going to be enough.

I launched a flight of Hammerhead II medium drones, which made very short work of the Harbinger’s shields.  The pilot then began killing rogue drones again, which caused more to respond, but his plan backfired horribly when they began engaging him.

The telemetry of his vessel’s status which was projected on my retina showed that he was in very low armor, which quickly bled into structure.  The pilot at this point was not making any further attempts to defend himself as his vessel’s hull began to breach.  The pilot re-launched his drones in a last ditch effort to cause more drones to respond, but it was in vain as the Amarr vessel began to shudder and yaw.  The vessel pitched forward as the reactor detonated, leaving a cloud of molten slag and drifting slag as the remnants of his vessel.  I then quickly terminated the remaining rogue drones, and made up for the loss in my security status, as well as acquiring some rather useful loot.

Maybe the pilot would take this as a lesson as to why he should be more mindful of the pilots in his local environment, but based on the fitting of the destroyed vessel, I highly doubted he had that much common sense.


Thoughts From the Commander #208

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Just because you want something doesn’t mean you’ll get it unless you work for it.

Recruitment Poster #7

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Recruiting Poster 7

Visiting Old Friends

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“Careful in which of your friends you cast aside, as several of them have a long memory.”


A Tayra-class Industrial bearing medical ship flag “IKW MERCY” slowly lumbered toward a private structure, an old pirate bunker that had been retrofitted as a habitation module.  The pilot calmly hailed the structure, “Isolation Control, this is medical vessel IKW Mercy on approach.  Are we clear to dock?”  “Mercy, confirm destination and payload,” the controller replied.  The pilot, who was not a capsuleer muted the feed before turning to the man standing on the bridge with him, “Fuck man, we’re screwed.  We are so screwed.”  “Calm the fuck down,” I said before handing the pilot a falsified manifest, “I’ve got you covered.”  The pilot hesitated as he read the manifest, “Isolation Control, we’re bringing aboard spare parts for medical cloning equipment, as well as two containers of biomass.  We are also here to clear station waste.”

Silence filled the bridge for several minutes before the comms came to life again, “Mercy, Isolation Control, you are clear to dock.”  An evil smile crept across my lips, “Alright, now for the hard part.”

I slid down the crew access ladder to the cargo hold, and very carefully opened a crate, which was supposed to be housing sensitive equipment for the purpose of cloning capsuleers.  The bootleg operation had come across Vick’s radar, and as usual, he needed complete deniability.  I checked my equipment, and entered the crate, pulling the cover back over top of it.  The vessel shuddered, which let me know that the vessel had been engaged to the habitation module via an old manual docking claw.

From within the shipping container, I smelled the stale, recycled air which had began to seep into the Tayra, letting me know that the docking operation had completed, and crews were entering the ship.  I keyed the small communications device that I wore, “Remember, you hang out long enough for me to pull this shit off, and then get us both out of here.  The payday will be worth it.”  The Tayra’s pilot replied with a sigh, “It better be.”

The small crew of the bootleg habitation module started moving equipment, only for me to feel the crate I was concealed in moving.  Did I feel bad that I was utilizing the flags of a medical ship that I had destroyed to kill people engaged in illegal cloning?  Not even the slightest.

“Hey man, this crate’s open,” one of the workers said as he approached the crate I was hiding in.  I cursed under my breath and reached for my knife, sliding it quietly from the sheathe.  The worker lifted the lid, but before he could react, I had reached up and grabbed him by the back of his head and pulled him in close, driving the knife into his neck.  The severed artery sprayed across my face and vest, but the man was silenced.  I shoved the body off, and climbed out of the crate, quickly ducking behind another one as the other worker approached.  “Mother fucker, always laying down on the jo…” the other worker tried to say, only to be violently interrupted as I stood up, grabbing him by the chin and back of his head, and twisted sharply, a loud snap echoing as his body went limp.  I dropped him on the deck plating, only to then retrieve a satchel from the crate that had carried me onto the derelict structure.

I scanned the cargo-handling area which I stood in, my attention being drawn to the airlock.  I then looked around for emergency bulkheads, and upon locating them, I observed that the doors which would seal in the event of a hull breach had been removed, likely scrapped for parts to patch up the structure as a stopgap measure until more supplies could arrive.  I removed my gloves, and set to work.

I opened the satchel, and removed numerous explosive charges, and placed them around the airlock’s frame, ensuring to secure each one in place with binding tape to supplement the adhesive on them.  I then made my way back across the cargo-handling area, and up the ramp which led to the docking locks.  I walked across the sealed gantry, and boarded the IKW Mercy.

A few keystrokes on the control panel sealed the cargo bay doors over the gantry.  I then keyed the communications device I was wearing, “We’re good here.”

The pilot nervously keyed his ship comms, “Isolation Control, this is the Mercy.  We have finished offload operations, and have secured the waste containers.  Release docking locks.”  “Copy that Mercy.  Thank you for the assist, the controller replied.

The docking locks released the Tayra-class Industrial, which began aligning toward the Pain Stargate.  The pilot breathed a heavy sigh of relief as the vessel shuddered into warp, “So, what’s the payout on this?”  “Trust me, it’ll be enough for you to enter the program,” I replied, “Besides, I have contacts on the inside.”  “Thanks man,” he replied, “I just want to make sure that these hauling trips don’t end with me dying in the future.”  “Just because you become a capsuleer doesn’t make you immune to death,” I laughed, “It just makes it so you can come back and seek revenge.  Immortality is both a blessing and a curse.”

Aboard the derelict cloning facility, a worker walked into the cargo handling area, only to see that two of his compatriots were dead.  He was about to make his way to the alarm panel when something caught his eye.  A series of lights across a device attached to the airlock controls.  Upon closer examination, he realized that it was the control unit to the charges which he was far too close to.  Rather than attempt to warn anyone, the man pulled out his flask, and took a drink.

The timer on the charges reached zero, and they detonated, shearing the airlock’s entire frame, and blowing chunks of plating outward, and as they buckled, the airlock itself collapsed, the atmosphere in it igniting for a brief second, only for it to vent the entire contents of the cargo handling area along with the structure’s atmosphere into the void.  Secondary explosions began rippling through the makeshift cloning facility, only to detonate violently, reducing it to a debris field.

I sent Vick a message, “Your friends have paid their debt.”