“Sometimes when you weigh your options, going home, to the place where you truly call your home is the best overall option.”


Two Weeks Prior:

The station defense coordinator had entered the control center, only to notice a blip on short range scanners, “Does anyone else notice the Reaper-class Corvette sitting outside the station?”  “Yeah, but he’s just flying around,” said one of the control center operators.  Seconds later, a cynosural beacon went up.  “All stations this net, be advised, spatial anomaly that appears to be a cynosural field detected,” called out one of the other control center operators.

The docking manager was sitting at her station when a request to dock came in.  “Unknown vessel, send identification tags,” she said calmly.  The station defense coordinator looked on, “Thanatos-class Carrier, outdated Gallente Federation IDENT tags, private designation, Valhalla.  Open comms with it.”  The docking manager reached up and touched the display in front of her, “Valhalla, what is your purpose for docking?”

I smirked, “Well Duvolle Control, I figured now was as good of a time as any to come home.  Secondary IDENT tags have been sent.”  The docking manager looked over the tags, “Private vessel, pilot classified as an outlaw.”  The defense coordinator called out, “Tell all sentry turret operators to begin targeting and prepare to engage that vessel.”  “Hold on, I know this one,” the docking manager replied before re-engaging the communications link, “Mr. Carrigan, it’s been a while.  Should we be expecting the rest of your crew shortly?”  “That it has, and yes you should,” I replied calmly.  “I trust you remember your personal and hangar authorization codes, as well as the codes for the capsuleer quarters.”  “Indeed, and I just sent them to you,” I chuckled.  The defense coordinator shook his head, “You do realize that Duvolle is going to have our heads for dealing with pirates, right?”  The docking manager stood up from her station, “You do realize that this pirate was one of this station’s largest sources of income for Duvolle, right?”  She seated herself back at her station, “Mr. Carrigan, you’re cleared for docking, and your hangars should be clear.  If any problems arise, you know who to contact.”  “Thank you control,” I said as I willed the engines to halt as the station’s complex tractor system took over the vessel to guide it into the station.

Present Day:

“Well Tri,” I said, “Citadel is in place in Vivanier, and I’ve already started running numbers.  Gas collection has begun, and we’ve already got our first shipment of ice awaiting pickup.  So, with that, things are looking pretty good.  Once we get done with this pesky war, we will be set to gear up full-scale operations.”  “I’ve noticed,” Trianna replied, “Looks like we’ve got a few stragglers, but operations are starting to pick up again.  Let’s get back to work to ensure that we can support everything.”



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  1. Tri- I Told you so.

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