A Minor Miscalculation

“Sometimes people will do things that do not make sense, and will usually be their undoing.”


I had seen a pilot drifting through Grispire over the past few days, and so far every attempt to remove him had been unsuccessful.  I undocked Feikinstafr, my Curse-class Combat Reconnaissance Cruiser due to the inherent nature of it not showing up on directional scan.  I then aligned to the star and warped only to pulse my own directional scan.  I picked up a Harbinger-class Battlecruiser near a location that Rogue Drones had decided to set up in.

It seemed that he was having difficulty, as the first time I warped to that location, the vessel was not there.  I quickly aligned to the star and re-initiated warp, as I had a feeling that he would be back.

My instincts were correct, as less than a minute later, I was picking up a Harbinger-class Battlecruiser from the same location that I had just departed.

I aligned to the site and initiated warp.  Upon landing, I found the vessel engaging the Rogue Drones with its lasers and then utilizing a smartbomb in an attempt to remove the drones that wandered too close.

He began to align as I engaged a tactical lock on his vessel, only to engage the warp disruptor on Feikinstafr, along with the neutralizers and nosferatus.  His lasers pulsed twice more, and the smartbomb cycled once more before the vessel fell quiet.  He sent his drones to engage me in an attempt to make me leave him alone, but it wasn’t going to be enough.

I launched a flight of Hammerhead II medium drones, which made very short work of the Harbinger’s shields.  The pilot then began killing rogue drones again, which caused more to respond, but his plan backfired horribly when they began engaging him.

The telemetry of his vessel’s status which was projected on my retina showed that he was in very low armor, which quickly bled into structure.  The pilot at this point was not making any further attempts to defend himself as his vessel’s hull began to breach.  The pilot re-launched his drones in a last ditch effort to cause more drones to respond, but it was in vain as the Amarr vessel began to shudder and yaw.  The vessel pitched forward as the reactor detonated, leaving a cloud of molten slag and drifting slag as the remnants of his vessel.  I then quickly terminated the remaining rogue drones, and made up for the loss in my security status, as well as acquiring some rather useful loot.

Maybe the pilot would take this as a lesson as to why he should be more mindful of the pilots in his local environment, but based on the fitting of the destroyed vessel, I highly doubted he had that much common sense.



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