“Go ahead.  Underestimate me and see how that works out for you.”


I was finishing preflight checks on Miskunn, my Ninazu-class Force Auxiliary when the call came out, “Jack, they’re here.  Looks like they plan on finishing the job they started.”

A group had moved into the area, and had reinforced our customs offices, and with a little bit of lucky timing, we had reduced a battleship fleet that they had brought to finish the job into a drifting debris cloud.  As a direct response, they declared war to attempt to intimidate us, making the mistake of underestimating us.  In the opening skirmishes of the war, we erased two of their fleets.  Well, this time the stakes had been upped, and they were calling for the ante.

I undocked and directed all of my pilots to warp off directly from the station and wait.  From there, I ordered the fleet to align to the Grispire V Customs Office, and wait for further instructions.  Our pilots were already set, and the plan was in place.

We dropped out of warp into the middle of a Muninn fleet, but they had also opted to bring a Revelation-class and Phoenix-class Dreadnought out.  As soon as we were able to confirm that both ships had engaged their siege modules, one of our pilots lit the cynosural field beacon on their ship, and help arrived in the form of a small Shadow Cartel fleet.  In a matter of seconds, both dreadnoughts were destroyed, and the fleet that had eradicated them left as quickly as they had come.

The Customs Offices were saved.

As with any comic villain, these guys tried again.

“Jack, I swear, if you undock your carrier, it ain’t coming back,” one of my pilots warned.  I brushed it off, “Dude, I got this.”

Moments later, Valhalla, my Thanatos-class carrier was in space, in warp to the Customs Office at Grispire V, as it seemed they had a hard-on for that particular Customs Office.  Again, a Muninn fleet was present, only this time they had brought out a Chimera-class carrier in an attempted to counter my Thanatos.  Well, what they weren’t counting on was the heavy tackle decloaking in a Proteus off the bow of the Chimera, and my Thanatos proceeding to neuting out the vessel, and then a cynosural beacon went up, and numerous Shadow Cartel capital ships appeared, making quick work of the Chimera before moving on.

I aligned and warped Valhalla out of there before any of the enemies got any more bright ideas.  After that incident, it wasn’t long before the war was invalidated and for the most part we have been left alone.



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