End of the Line

“There will come a day where we all reach our end.  Don’t be in such a hurry to get there.”



I jumped into the system with members of Penumbra Institute after Trianna had relayed intelligence that numerous members of The Marmite Collective were in Algasienan.  From the sound of it, they had prepared Loki-class Strategic Cruisers with Guardian-class Logistics support.  I willed Bacraut, my Hurricane Fleet Issue-class Battlecruiser into warp to the Algasienan gate as Arth called for the warp.  As I came out of warp, he called out that he was jumping into the system.  I was right behind him.


The exterior visual sensors on the Matari battlecruiser which I piloted recalibrated as I jumped into system.  Upon gaining clarity, I realized that there were two Lokis and two Guardians.  Multiple members of The Revenant Order jumped in with us, and I was waiting, still cloaked on the gate.  Multiple -REV- flagged Vexor Navy Issue-class Cruisers decloaked along with a Celestis-class cruiser.  It wasn’t long before the Guardians were tackled and their capacitors being forced down, at which point I called tackle on one of the Lokis.

It didn’t take long with the swarm of heavy drones as well as the fire from my battlecruiser to tear through the Loki’s armor, even with the Guardians attempting to save it.  We then turned our weapons on the Guardian nearest to me, and due to its counterpart having no capacitor, it died relatively quickly.  The other pilots, realizing that they were outnumbered and outgunned, quickly deaggressed and left the area.




Sensors recalibrated as I jumped into Vivanier from Dour in Slatra, my Typhoon Fleet Issue-class battleship.  It was evident that our war targets wanted a rematch after the previous day’s skirmish.  Furthermore, I believed it an attempt to probe our capabilities.  Today, two Hurricane-class battlecruisers, a Gnosis-class battlecruiser and an Exequror-class cruiser were brought into the fray.  They were hanging around Port Royal, our Azbel-class Engineering Complex, which was being manned by Gavin.

They didn’t seem too keen on engaging anywhere near the structure after I warped into the local space, approximately 100 kilometers from the Duvolle Laboratories station.

I thought for a moment, and aligned Slatra toward the star, attempting to bait them into following me, but it was evident that they did not want to fight there either.  However, moments later, as Slatra came out of warp on the Dour stargate, it was evident where we would be fighting.

The Gnosis was the first to engage.

They had committed to their course of action, and even a neutral Augoror-class cruiser pilot had entered the fray in an attempt to assist our enemies.

We focused fire, and removed the logistics vessels first.

From there, it wasn’t long before their fleet fell.  This victory was not without losses, however, we had cost our enemy more, and those who lost ships were compensated.  From there, we went and celebrated.




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